Ford Mustang Shoot

2015 V6 Ford Mustang – Manual Transmission

Fun to do a photoshoot of this American Muscle Car, but it is even more fun to drive it. All images were captured on a Canon EOS T7, which did a great job on a cloudy day with limited natural light. My favorite settings for this shoot were:

Shutter Speed: 1/15

Aperture: 4.0

ISO: 200

Once I uploaded the images to my MacBook, I edited the images in various ways until I had finished images that I truly enjoyed – as seen above. The next step for me is to shoot a highlight trailer that will really show off this American Muscle Car. The 2015 V6 Mustang with manual transmission is a great ride and gives you the feel of driving a true muscle car. It responds really well when taking turns; and if you’re good with a manual transmission, it can get up to speed pretty quickly. All in all, the Canon EOS T7 is well equipped to handle photoshoots of your favorite sports car, and handles well in low lighting settings – play with your T7’s manual settings until you catch an image you really like. Also, the 2015 Ford Mustang is highly recommend and a great ride for those looking for an American Classic.

Let me know what cameras you like shooting with and which settings you prefer on cloudy days. Also, let me know what you favorite sports car is and I will try to do a shoot of one in the future. Thanks for stopping by.