Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my Blog, which will provide you detailed input and analysis on various tech stocks. My blog will give you valuable information on what tech stocks I am buying, what tech stocks may be poised for growth, and what tech companies are doing (business decisions) – good and bad. At least one post will be published every Sunday, that way you can enjoy your morning coffee with a good read on the latest trends in the Tech Business and Stock world.

My content is aimed at being lighthearted and with detailed information backed by my in-depth research of the tech stock and business that is under the “spotlight” each week. Aside from tech stock reviews and recommendations, you can also checkout my blog where I provide general investing tips. These will include basic information about what a stock is, how to buy your first stock, what platforms you can use, as well as what tech/devices I am using and why I like them.

I provide all of my investing-research content to you for free, so I accept and greatly appreciate donations so that I can keep this website running (donation form below).

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