Cole R. Galloway

I am just a small-town kid that constantly aspires to do more and help others. The goals I set for myself are personal in nature, but always impact others positively. When people come to me for help, I don’t just shrug them off or give them poor advice. I consider their problem with an in-depth analysis and provide them meaningful solutions. This is what I aim to do through the services I can provide you or your business. I want to help you and/or your business grow by providing eye appealing images and videos, as well as text that keeps your audience begging for more. If you need help promoting yourself or your business, then let’s connect!

Things you should know about me:

  • I am very active and into soccer, lifting, snowboarding, hiking & biking.
  • My favorite professional soccer team is Liverpool FC. “You’ll never walk alone.”
  • I went to undergrad for political science, then law school to obtain my Juris Doctor Degree & now I am a licensed attorney.
  • I thoroughly enjoy Marvel movies and my favorite super hero is Thor. (Some posts may include my collection of retro Marvel Comic Books).